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Incorporating the idea of human element into virtual learning continues to be emphasized throughout this course. From my experience as a learner (from this class), it is interesting to see many of the topics and skills we are reading and learning about being put into practice by the instructors of this course. For example, providing video content for updates or clarifying certain questions for assignments, midway assessment, and standing virtual office hours. These elements make me feel like I have met the instructors in person, even though I have not. I appreciate having the virtual office hours be reoccurring every week as we are able to use that time to ask questions or receive clarification. Standing office hours is something I will encourage the faculty I am working with to incorporate into their online course.


Our role in helping faculty create course activities is to provide them with information about alternative ways they could use technology for their activity. Maybe there is a more suitable type of technology that would streamline the process and enable greater learning for students. Important to create activities in Canvas that have very clear and identified instructions. It is also helpful to get other people to review the instructions to see if it makes sense to them. This is something that we, as academic technology scholars, can help with when faculty are designing their online courses.


A good formative activity is one that incorporates different aspects of the week’s materials into it. Switching up and implementing different types of formative assignments is beneficial. This is also true for summative activities. It is important to clearly outline how the activity fits into the overall course design, including (if it is summative) how many points the assignment is worth or what percentage. Clarity of expectations and instructions for activities are vital. Students should also feel comfortable to reach out to the instructors with any questions if something does not appear to be clear. It is important to feel approachable to students, especially during an online course.